Some bad news for fans of local Brooklyn longform publication BKLYNR: founding editors Thomas Rhiel and Raphael Pope-Sussman are calling it quits. In an email to their subscribers yesterday they wrote:

This isn’t fun news to share. Working on Bklynr has been a joy, and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to produce with the help of scores of talented contributors. As uncommon as it is, our model — publishing infrequently, relying on readers for support — has served us well in our two years, and the size of our subscriber base hasn’t stopped growing.

We’ve reached a point, though, at which it’s become clear that maintaining Bklynr’s standards for quality and continuing to attract an audience to it require more attention from us than we’re able to give it. We want Bklynr to be good — why do it at all, otherwise? — and neither of us has the time we once did to ensure that it is.

The work we’ve done in the past two years wouldn’t have been sustainable without you subscribers. At a time when paying for digital media is still rare, we’re especially grateful for your support and for your trust in a young publication trying new things.

I’m sorry to see BKLYNR go. You could always find strange, little and underlooked stories in Brooklyn in its issues. All the best of luck to Thomas and Raphael.

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